$2M bond for woman in chase.

A judge set bond at $2 million for a Covington,Ohio woman who police say triggered a high-speed police chase that left a Cincinnati,Ohio officer in critical condition.

Carmella Duley, 41, was in court Monday morning over charges relating to the police pursuit that ended in a crash that severely injured traffic unit Sgt. Bryce Bezdek.

At Duley's arraignment at the Hamilton County,Ohio Justice Center, Judge Nadine Allen reaffirmed an earlier bond she had set on Sunday of $1 million for drug possession and another $1 million for failing to comply with officers.

Allen maintained the high bond after hearing from a Hamilton County,Ohio Sheriff's deputy that Bezdek was still in critical condition at University Hospital.

"Your honor, his condition is still critical. We would just ask that bond be substantial," said Deputy Mikal Steers.

Video from inside police cruisers captured the chase involving a SUV going 80 to 90 miles a hour down Interstate 75 and exiting onto the Western Hills Viaduct.

Police said Duley was driving the SUV, which struck a pick-up truck that then careened into Bezdek, who was standing along I-75 putting Stop-sticks down on the highway.

Police said the chase began after an officer saw three people in the SUV shooting heroin in a Colerain Township,Ohio supermarket parking lot.

To help the injured officer's family, the nonprofit organization the Shield, Inc. is offering financial support. The group has police officer members from across Hamilton County,Ohio.

"This is a Cincinnati,Ohio police family tragedy and a Hamilton County,Ohio law enforcement tragedy and this is not about us. But this is an opportunity for the Shield to step in and say, 'Look, we are here to help you. Here's what we can do," said Loveland,Ohio Police Chief Dennis Rees.
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