LA SALLE COUNTY: Task force arrests 6 on drug charges.
Drug charges, retail theft among 7 arrests over past two weeks.

The Illinois State Police Zone 3 La Salle Task Force arrested six people in the past two weeks on drug charges.
On Wednesday, Nov. 14, an undercover drug purchase operation in Streator resulted in the arrest of Kendale Coleman, 22, of Wenona,Illinois on a charge of delivering .9 grams of crack cocaine. After Coleman's arrest, two search warrants were executed in Wenona,Illinois where two handguns were seized.

Coleman's bail was $75,000, of which Coleman must pay 10 percent to be released. Coleman has been in prison.

On Tuesday, Nov. 20, the drug task force witnessed an apparent drug transaction in Ottawa,Illinois involving a vehicle driven by Desiree Walters, 34, address not given. She was stopped after failing to signal a turn and the Ottawa police dog detected the probable presence of drugs in the vehicle.

Walters was charged with possession of heroin with intent to deliver. Her passenger, Kimberly R. Steinhauer, 39, address not given, also was similarly charged. Bail was $25,000 for Walters and $50,000 for Steinhauer. Both must pay 10 percent.

On Wednesday, a search warrant was executed at the Ottawa,Illinois home of 24-year-old Tommy Lee Shorkey.

Shorkey, Ashley L. Baima, 21, address not given, and Jake W. Davis, 22, address not given, were arrested when purported heroin, multiple syringes containing purported heroin and a small amount of marijuana was found.

Shorkey was charged with possession of heroin with intent to deliver. His bail was $75,000, of which he must pay 10 percent. Shorkey was paroled from prison May 1. He was in prison for cocaine dealing. Baima was charged with possession of heroin and Davis, who has been in prison, was arrested on a warrant for a charge of retail theft.

On Friday, another search warrant was used regarding Deontavian R. Watts, 22, La Salle,Illinois.

Six grams of purported crack cocaine were found in his home. Watts was charged with unlawful possession of crack cocaine with the intent to deliver. Bail was $100,000, of which he must pay 10 percent.

As of today, all the defendants remained in the La Salle County,Illinois Jail, with the exception of Baima, who was freed on bond.

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