Xanax Withdrawal

Xanax addiction withdrawal has clearly defined symptoms. Withdrawal from Xanax is a way to positively identify addiction. Here are some symptoms of Xanax withdrawal :

heightened sensory perception impaired concentration altered sense of smell clouded sensory perception skin sensitivity muscle cramps muscle twitch diarrhea blurred vision appetite decrease and weight loss

Xanax addiction withdrawal studies, in which patients took xanax dosages of two milligrams a day for one year, indicate that some individuals experience withdrawal symptom recurrence. Over 50% of patients whose drugs are discontinued experience the following symptoms :

insomnia agitation anxiety tremor irritability headache nausea dizziness

Recurrence of stronger withdrawal symptoms can be experienced as well. Abrupt Xanax discontinuation can cause seizures. Three cases of grand mall seizures on Xanax have been reported. People are safely and routinely detoxed from xanax everyday,even after many years of daily use. The key to a successful recovery is professional assistance.
  • Drug Facts
  • In Philadelphia, recently, 28 young teenagers took powerful doses of Xanax during lunch period at a middle school and 12 had to be treated at a hospital.
  • Illegal possesion of Xanax is a felony and carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison, and a $5,000 fine.
  • Xanax is commonly misused to create an alcohol-like high, with feelings of euphoria and increased sociability.
  • Three out of four drugs that are used illegally in the United States are prescription drugs.
  • Since Xanax is so readily available some abusers may never have to pay for the drug.